The Original 1990 Muskoka Festival Company recorded 11 tracks from Colours In The Storm. The cast included Jonathan Whittaker, Suzanne Bennett, Elise Dewsberry, Shane McPherson and Ralph Small. Musical Direction and Vocal Arrangements were by Stephen Woodjetts. Ed Henderson did the Orchestrations and Arrangements, and also produced the recording. Musicians for the recording were Stephen Woodjetts (Piano), Ed Henderson (Guitars), Lenny Soloman (Violin), George Kozub (Bass), Kevin Budd (Recorder & Flute), and Brian Leonard (Percussion).

The 1990 Tracks included:

“The Girl With Thunder In Her Hair” (2:20) TOM THOMSON (Jonathan Whittaker) and COMPANY
“Northern River (Solo Version)” (2:25) TOM THOMSON (Jonathan Whittaker)
“Thunderhead” (1:20)  TOM THOMSON (Jonathan Whittaker) and COMPANY
“Algonquin Breakdown” (2:25) LARRY DIXON (Shane McPherson)
“Still Water, White Water” (4:15) COMPANY
“The West Wind” (2:40) Vocal by the great Frank MacKay, with the Colours… COMPANY
“Over The Dam” (3:00) WINNIE TRAINOR (Suzanne Bennett)
“The One That Got Away” (2:30) THOMSON, MARK ROBINSON (Jonathan Whittaker, Shane McPherson)
“Spring Ice” (2:05) WINNIE TRAINOR, FRANCES McGILLVRAY (Suzanne Bennett, Elise Dewsberry)
“Colours In The Storm” (1:30) THOMSON & COMPANY
“Northern River (Full Company)” (2:40) THOMSON & COMPANY

In early 2013, an additional 4 songs were recorded:

“Algonquin” (2:17) WILD MARY (Charlotte Moore) & COMPANY
“Wildflowers” (2:05) WINNIE (Anne Potter) & ANNIE (Miranda Atkinson)
“Comes The Time” (2:53) WINNIE (Suzanne Bennett), THOMSON (Jonathan Whittaker) & COMPANY
“The Evening Sky” (2:36) COMPANY (featuring Judy Marshak)
A new intro to “Girl With Thunder In Her Hair” was also recorded, featuring Randi Helmers, Erin VanderBurgh, Charlotte Moore and Liz Beeler.

Musicians for the 2013 session included Stephen Woodjetts (Piano), Mike Allen (Guitar), Lenny Soloman (Violin) and Bob Hewus (Bass). Singers included Charlotte Moore, Judy Marshak, Erin VanderBurgh, Suzanne Bennett, Randi Helmers, Elizabeth Beeler, Jonathan Whittaker, Shane McPherson, Ralph Small, Dan Abrahamson, Adam White and Ken Chamberland.

A digital download of all 15 Colours In The Storm tracks, in show order, is available by clicking on this link.