The Tom Thomson Musical by Jim Betts

Author: Jim

Lakefield College School, November 3-4, 2012

Lakefield College School presents Colours In The Storm for the 2nd time.Its 2002 production won a number of awards at the annual Sears Drama Festival. This is from their school newsletter from 2002: “Lakefield recently produced “Colours in the Storm” as its entry into the Ontario Sears Drama

Festival. “Colours in the Storm” by Jim Betts is
a musical based on the life and mysterious death
of the painter Tom Thomson during his years in
Algonquin Park. Under the direction of Greg
MacPherson and musical direction of Stephanie
Horsley and John Kraus, the cast and crew of 21
worked extremely hard to put this wonderful play
together. One of the highlights of this show was
the incredible vocal talent of the ensemble cast.
Cam Crawford as Tom Thomson, along with
Melanie Wright, Rachael Mason, Adam Bishop,
Tim McLaughlin, Lindsey Hepburn, Tommy
Douglas, Lorcan Kilmartin, and Liza McWilliams
combined to sing nine beautiful songs. Special
mention should also be made of the efforts of
our Producer, Chenoah Ellis, the Technical Director, David Burton-Davies, and the Stage Managers, Jessica Holdcroft and Robin Boyle.
The play was originally presented at the District Level of the Sears Drama Festival in Lindsay in March. At that Festival, the play won Awards of Excellence for Outstanding Musical Achievement and for Outstanding Technical Achievement. Most importantly, the play won an Outstanding Production Award meaning an invitation to the Eastern Regional Level
of the Sears Drama Festival in Perth in April. At the Regionals, the play again won an Award of Excellence for Outstanding Musical Achievement as well as an Award of Merit for Jessica Holdcroft and Robin Boyle for their work in Stage Management. Again, the production won an Outstanding Production award and were invited to participate in the Ontario Provincial Showcase held in Sudbury in May. The Sears Provincial Showcase is a five day festival in which the top 15 high school produc- tions across the province have an opportunity to present their shows.”